Transform Your Project Delivery Performance

Ensure your large transformational projects deliver the desired outcomes, in full, on-time and within budget.

Billions of dollars are spent annually on delivering large capital and organisational change projects, yet it is rare for transformational projects to deliver the intended outcomes. It is equally rare for them to come in within budget and on-time. Study after study reveals that these transformational projects are typically managed poorly. As specialists in transformational project delivery we can equip your organisation with the tools, support and guidance to achieve your goals. We work with you to create and embed change management disciplines that transform your business capability into the future.

Our Approach

We equip your organisation with tools and approaches to improve how transformational projects are managed. We help you to create a culture of continuous improvement and accountability.

  • Shared Objectives: We ensure that the overall project objectives are clarified, understood and effectively communicated to everyone involved with project delivery.

  • Common Disciplines: We equip your project team with practical tools, approaches and change management disciplines to ensure they are capable of fully contributing to the desired transformation.

  • Building Effective Communication and a Culture of Accountability: We support teams to create collaborative relationships, reciprocal communication and a culture of accountability. We also focus on continuous learning and constant improvement.

What we deliver

We provide proven practical tools and methodologies, supported by expert facilitation and coaching, to help your organisation to deliver the project with the desired outcomes, on-time, and within budget.

Outputs include:

1. A focused one page balanced project plan (12 to 18 months) including:

  • Goals, measures and targets that reflect the desired project outcomes
  • Clear links to the values of the parent organisation

2. Tracking Tools

  • Clear links between the plan and a small number of leading KPIs so each sub-function can track their contribution to plan delivery weekly
  • Short interval control scoring – weekly scoring conversations and peer review embedded in corporate culture

3. Coaching and Facilitation

Including workshops, townhalls and other high impact events to inform, engage, align and inspire project stakeholders.


Through a structured and tailored approach to building a high performance project culture, we help you to raise the bar on transformational project delivery.

  • Clarity and Accountability: Greater clarity over roles and responsibilities, what’s expected and why.
  • Engagement and Interdependency: A more engaged, aligned and committed project team. Stronger relationships, reduced silos and more honest conversations.
  • Continuous and Sustainable Improvements: More focused conversations around how to improve team and individual performance to deliver project objectives. Short interval controls to allow for more rapid course-corrective interventions as required.

Case Studies