Welcome to Quest Worldwide

Quest Worldwide is an award-winning global change management consultancy founded by Dr Steve Smith in 1988.

From the beginning we have been fully committed to helping businesses transform their performance by partnering with them to build capability through strategy implementation, people engagement and operational excellence.

We have undertaken assignments in more than 60 countries and are always building our experience and expertise. We focus on translating learnings into a suite of practical tools and processes that deliver measurable results for our clients. By working across all industries and markets we stay at the forefront of economic insight and help our clients to stay ahead of the curve.

We are particularly well known for

  • Injecting engagement, discipline and purpose to boost commitment and effectiveness
  • Transfer of expertise by building skills and capability internally
  • Creating early and measurable business value

Clients Say

“It’s been a very successful project, not only because of what we’ve accomplished so far but because of the improvement that we will continue to realise.”
General Manager, North America Oil and Gas Company

“The Quest team adds value to us at every interaction.  You have become part of our business and we look forward to a long association with Quest.  Thank you.”
CEO, Australian Consumer Company

“The strategic planning and deployment workshops provided an energizing forum where more than fifty of our global leadership team were actively involved in developing our strategic direction.”
Strategy Director, North American Pharmaceuticals Company

“Best event that I have had the pleasure of participating in. There was a clear input process and output and I believe we achieved this 100% with absolute team spirit and a lot of fun. I hope all future forums are designed around the same process.”
Manager, Global Electronics Company

“I would like to underline the very high professionalism of Quest trainers. Not only did we learn a lot through participating exercises but also I feel all the participants enjoyed and had fun.”
Participant, Middle Eastern Industrial Services Company

“It has been easy working with Quest. Communication has been straight-forward and clear. The process has been critical in driving to a focused and aligned strategic plan. It has always felt like Quest has been able to tailor the process to meet our needs or timing. There is no doubt we have been very busy, however the excellent management from Quest has made this much easier than I originally anticipated.”
Australian Managing Director, Global Consumer Company

“The overall process led to a great outcome that the entire leadership team bought into. The common understanding and ownership of the strategy and supporting plans has formed the foundation of how we set our goals and targets throughout the organisation.  We can be confident that these are consistent and understood.”
Australian CFO, Global Consumer Company

“The personnel I have come to know from Quest and their ‘modus operandi’ have certainly given me a strong faith in the methods and process of Quest. The facilitators in particular are genuine and very talented.  I have worked most closely with Blake and Tina both of whom I am very fond of as a result of the business partnership.  The flexibility which Quest have shown in the latest round of Balanced Business Plans in developing in-house capability is a very proactive way of working with Quest’s clients.”
Business Unit GM, ASX 100 Company

“Quest provides a very robust planning process (strategic planning) that is guided by experienced facilitators who are willing to challenge thinking in terms of goal clarity and relevance of measures and targets. They have provided a level of flexibility that has resulted in improved strategic clarity across the business and engagement of leaders.

Going into our latest BBP year we looked to freshen up the approach and outputs from the process, Quest worked collaboratively with us to deliver a new workshop approach and documentation of the outputs that has rejuvenated the planning process and received positive feedback from the teams.”
Strategy and Planning Director, Australian FMCG Company

“I have worked with Quest for close to 20 years and find their approach and engagement to be very effective at supporting the development of a high achievement culture.”
Executive Chairman, ASX 100 Company

“I have been involved in corporate planning and goal setting with many mining companies both big and small, (including BHP, Western Mining and MIM). The Quest process around strategic planning is the best that I have seen in my 30 plus years in the business.”
Business Unit Commercial Manager, ASX

“I’ve just returned from a workshop facilitated by Blake and Wiet, and I had to reach out. It was without question, the most skilled job of facilitation that I have ever seen. The design of the session was excellent, allowing for the right groups to have the right conversations with the right outputs. Both were very engaging, and challenged the group respectfully. Further, the use of the polling devices and immediate feedback allowed the group to know the “pulse” of the room – very timely usage of technology to further the objectives of the session.

So you are aware, I’m one of RLG’s process optimization (Lean/Sigma, Kaizen) experts and I’ve facilitated dozens of improvement sessions ranging from 15-85 people…so as they say in the US- this ain’t my first rodeo. I don’t know if the rest of the participants can understand what it takes to execute a session like that or appreciate it, but I definitely do. It was refreshing to watch people who are truly skilled at their craft, and for that reason I felt compelled to give this feedback.”
Performance Coach, RLG International

“I have worked with Quest for over 10 years now with 4-5 different consultants in 3 different locations. Quest’s style is unique and somewhat refreshing in that they actually roll up their sleeves and get involved in delivering a tangible result, rather than just talking about what their client needs to do to improve. Their consultants are well experienced rather than MBA graduates, which helps with credibility, resulting in a working relationship that is both challenging and supportive.”
Oil and Gas Vice President, various global organisations