Become more competitive

Anticipate and plan for your future competitive environment to stay ahead of the game.

We help your organisation to generate critical knowledge and actionable insights from the external market. As industry leaders in war gaming, we have many tools to help you better anticipate and prepare for market changes ahead of the game – enabling you to create more robust strategies and plans.

What is War Gaming? Originally a military tactic, business War Games (also known as competitor risk simulations) provide a forum to role-play scenarios and evaluate potential responses, before that scenario occurs in the market. This allows companies to prepare and plan for potential changes. They are particularly useful when faced with a changing competitor landscape and market conditions. Quest uses War Gaming as a competitive intelligence tool to accelerate and optimise your decision-making and engage and inspire your people.

In these two short videos, our expert Rachel Way talks at Mumbrella360 about competitive intelligence and war gaming.

What is a war game and when should you use one?

What is Competitive Intelligence and how can we ethically spy?

Our Approach

Our collaborative approach deeply explores the issues which may impact your business and ensures you emerge with a clear way forward. We build engagement, alignment and commitment from a broad group of cross-functional participants.

Key Steps:

  • We equip your team with the skills to rigorously research and analyse your competitive landscape creating a thorough understanding of the marketplace and key stakeholders.

  • We help to determine the potential pressure points that lie ahead – where the competition for resources, customers, consumers will intensify and why? What is changing?

  • We stress-test both your strategy and those of your competitors through a structured, facilitated War Game. We determine the potential weaknesses of your current plans and how to mitigate against them, enabling you to course-correct ahead of time. We also better understand your competitive strengths and how to leverage them to your competitive advantage.

What we deliver

Expert facilitation and coaching that builds capability in competitive strategy.

Outputs include:

  • A robust ‘Fact pack’ providing detailed competitor research, analysis, market trends and insights
  • Understanding of most likely competitor and stakeholder responses to given scenarios (including planned changes to your strategy or anticipated changes in theirs).
  • Focused action plans to mitigate competitive risks and to exploit key competitive opportunities.
  • Clear next steps to build capability, maintain focus on competitive changes and embed decisions made in the War Game.


Organisational alignment around competitive strategy and accelerated decision-making based on a common understanding of when, where and how extra resourcing will make a difference.

  • A more competitive strategy, with increased focus on and understanding of external factors.
  • Greater organisational self-awareness, including competitive strengths, weaknesses and critical competitive intelligence gaps.
  • Internal alignment and executional commitment from cross-functional problem solvers.
  • Transfer of competitive intelligence capability expertise in areas including competitor research, analysis and strategic impact.

Case Studies