Focus, Embed and Execute Your Strategy

A proven, award winning process to bring focus, alignment and achieve your organisation’s strategy.

Quest’s approach to step-changing capability in strategy is called Strategy Into ActionTM (SIATM). Through SIA, Quest engages extended leadership teams in a comprehensive, collaborative and inclusive series of workshops. These workshops are designed to bring out issues and opportunities, create solutions, and ultimately define balanced, focused and achievable plans and strategies. We work with you to design and facilitate our workshops to achieve the right balance between intellectual rigour and emotional engagement. This ensures the strategy and plans developed by your team have the optimal chance of executional success.

Our Approach

Our expert consultants facilitate an inclusive process that helps articulate the strategy clearly and to align the business behind focused goals and priorities. We create strong links between your vision, values, business goals and functional accountabilities to create commitment and passion.

  • Focused Strategy: We support the leadership team in developing a sharp, aligned strategic focus.

  • High Engagement: We help to engage the business with the strategy ensuring strong understanding and personal commitment.

  • Disciplined Delivery: We embed the disciplines to support achievement.

What we deliver

A clear one page Summary of the business strategy/plan that is proven to improve focus and drive stronger performance. Each Summary is backed up by supporting documentation to help get you started in achieving your goals and implementing key projects.

Outputs include:

  • A balanced business strategy (3 -5 years) and/or plan (1 year)
  • Clear goals, measures and targets
  • Clear links between short and long-term plans
  • An aligned view on priorities
  • Management disciplines and tools that support achievement and build internal capability


  • Balance: We define a set of strategic goals that cover areas related to your market, workplace, people & safety and financial outcomes.
  • Focus: The leadership team identify a small number of priority goals to ensure focused effort, resources and communication.
  • Engagement, Alignment & Commitment: A critical mass of leaders have a voice in defining the strategy and plans. The people responsible for delivery of the strategy and plans understand them and are aligned around the priorities.
  • Achievement: Leaders are equipped to oversee successful execution and we stay with you on the journey, helping to mentor and support achievement.

Case Studies