What We Do

Quest is best known for its tailored solutions which improve outcomes across three dimensions…

We partner with leaders from diverse industries to accelerate change and transform performance. Our goal is to create sustainable change. That’s why we work closely with stakeholders from throughout the organisation to develop focused strategy and plans, as well as build the required business capability to ensure successful execution.

In doing so, we transfer skills and insights that can support cultural change and performance improvement well into the future.

Strategy Development & Execution

People Engagement & Culture

Operational Excellence

We develop and embed sharper strategy by harnessing the knowledge and expertise within the business.

By working in close partnership with leadership teams, we facilitate the development of focused plans with a clear set of balanced business priorities, and help to engage the business behind them.

We believe the key to successful execution is an engaged team.  That’s why our major priority is building real understanding and commitment to the strategy and resultant plans at all levels in the organisation. By creating strong buy-in, we help to ensure everyone in the business commits to executing the strategy/plan within their function and individual role, and that they have clear metrics and targets.

We help to develop your team’s capability. Our approach ensures that people are focused on the ‘right’ things and that they realise their full potential by harnessing creativity, enthusiasm and passion. This in turn helps to create more value from existing resources well beyond the scope of our engagement. We have many long-term partners who continue to work with us to foster strong momentum in this area.

We believe that performance can be transformed through culture.

We help leaders to build a culture closely aligned with the organisation’s values, vision and strategic goals and we make this culture come to life by shaping the behaviours of leaders, teams and people at all levels of the organisation. 

Two key engagement areas that we have extensive experience in are:

Building an effective culture around communications – Using a carefully built two-way communications plan, we help clients at all levels of the business fine-tune messages, deliver them through multiple channels and interpret feedback.  This then becomes the vehicle for informing, recognising success, sharing learning and receiving feedback.

Improving the effectiveness of large projects through culture – We work with project leaders to improve team alignment and performance, ultimately helping the business to realise stronger outcomes. We address the human side of project management: building shared objectives and overcoming the potential for common issues e.g. around timelines, budget and constant firefighting.  Because large projects are often key components of business transformation this approach accelerates performance.

We support clients in creating a high-performance culture that is focused on customers.  Our approach helps organisations to continuously improve their operating performance whilst developing their own internal Lean/Operational Excellence (OE) capability.

All organisations are seeking to find ways to drive growth and continuously improve operating performance in every part of the business. These improvements can come in many ways.

Typically Quest supports clients through three steps to embed Lean Continuous Improvement (Lean CI):

  • Engagement – developing an individually tailored Operational Excellence programme which engages everyone in the business
  • Training – delivering highly interactive and effective Lean CI Black Belt and Green Belt training to providing the internal capability to initiate and deliver countless improvement projects.
  • Capability cascade – designing and facilitating the cascade of Lean CI to all levels of the organisation whilst transferring capability fully to the client to ensure the benefits of the Lean CI programme are sustained.