How We Do It

We invest significant time upfront getting to know you and your company, because this helps us to build customised solutions which deliver quality outcomes and sustainable results.

Our solutions are designed to suit your requirements and will encompass the best mix of:

Our Team

Blake Beattie

Management Consultant

Specialist in strategy implementation, leadership and business improvement

Blake has over 20 years’ experience working with leading organisations as well as Board experience in the NFP sector. He believes that clarity of focus and alignment of effort powers success. His passion for strategy and leadership has made him a sought after commentator in the media, and his first book, “Bullseye” is a NY Times best seller which was nominated a ‘must read’ by the Australian Institute of Management.

A strong facilitator and quick thinker, Blake engages teams behind clear strategy.

Bret Shaw

Principal Consultant

Specialist in building business capability

Bret has more than 20 years Management Consulting experience across diverse industries including FMCG, Resources, Financial Services and Logistics. His background also includes extensive leadership experience within the Banking and Finance industry and more recently as Regional Director of the Quest Business in Asia Pacific. His focus is on building business capability through focused plans and execution.  Bret has strong strategic leadership and facilitation skills and a proven ability to lead Executive teams and Board members, co-creating effective strategic programmes and coaching in execution and deployment.

He is a sought after partner who has longstanding relationships with many clients.

Rachel Way

Management Consultant

Specialist in Competitor Intelligence and Portfolio Management

Rachel is passionate about working with Leaders to transform their organisation’s agility and responsiveness to change. With a background in FMCG and almost 20 years of both consulting and management experience across multiple geographies, Rachel has a deep understanding of the competitive environment our clients face. She brings specialist expertise in competitor intelligence and portfolio management which allows her to lead stakeholders and teams to deliver rigorous analysis, to ask why, challenge paradigms and expand on ideas. Through her dynamic war-games, Rachel motivates teams to constructively challenge plans and helps them to stay ahead of the game.

Tina Cameron

Management Consultant | Associate Director NZ

Specialist in Strategy, Leadership Development and Culture

Tina helps leaders and organisations to transform culture by setting a clear vision and building strong teams. She has a deep understanding of how to engage and influence people from all walks of life and at all levels of an organisation. Her professional experience includes more than 10 years in Management Consulting with ASX listed organisations as well as Board and Chairperson positions in the NFP sector. As co-founder of successful charity “Rising Generations” Tina has helped to support more than 150,000 students in leadership development.

She is a dynamic facilitator who uses both proven methodologies and innovative techniques to achieve the best outcome for each client.

Wiet Pruim

Regional Director

Specialist in transforming business performance through people

Wiet has over 20 years’ experience in Finance and Commercial Leadership positions across Asia, Australia and Europe and is Regional Director of Quest. He has worked across a wide range of industries and has first-hand experience in senior leadership challenges, with the capability to quickly understand where an organisation should focus their improvement efforts.

He believes that business success is created when you mobilise people behind a common purpose and a robust strategy. He is a trusted advisor for senior leaders and engages effectively with teams to create cultural change.

Wiet enjoys the long-standing relationships with many of Quest’s clients and is hands-on in supporting them through diverse challenges as a true partner in their ongoing success.

The team behind the team

Quest Management Consultants pride themselves on providing an exceptional experience for our clients. People engagement is at the heart of our process and we have facilitated thousands of workshops. We have an in-house team who support us in organising the workshops and creating customised stimulus and materials that help to motivate and engage people on the journey.

Enza Sparks

Office Manager

Enza is the Office Manager and helps to ensure that we deliver our clients a really positive experience. For almost 10 years Enza has worked behind the scenes helping the team to prepare for workshops and presentations, juggling lots of important deadlines. Her specialist expertise includes administration management, proof reading, tender writing, technical training and IT systems support.

Vanessa Kappely

Graphic Designer

Vanessa is an experienced graphic designer with more than 20 years professional experience working in a variety of industries and clients across the globe. Vanessa delivers fresh, innovative design and has a detailed understanding of production processes. She also has extensive experience in digital marketing.

Vikee Mashman

Graphic Designer

Vikee has extensive experience in corporate design and significant exposure to website management, planning, event management, cross-cultural messaging and more.  At Quest she specialises in impactful corporate communications including PowerPoint, brochures, ‘plan on a page’ and digital design.

Alice Cao

Commercial Manager

Alice has been our Commercial Manager for many years.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and an Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Alice oversees all financial management for the Australia Pacific business and also works closely with the global team.

Our Values

At the core of everything Quest does are our four key values.:

  • CommittedOur clients have high expectations and so do we.  We are committed to our clients and understand the change they want to bring about.  This ensures we deliver more.
  • CollaborativeThe most effective way for us to help our clients is to be fully involved.  We work as part of the client team, sharing knowledge and expertise to reach new levels of performance.
  • ChallengingWe believe that questioning approaches brings out the best in people. We believe the necessary skills are often already within the organisation; Quest’s approach will uncover, shape and focus them to achieve results.
  • EnthusiasticThe greatest results are attained through passion and motivation underpinned by sound, rational thinking.  We are enthusiastic in our approach and encourage and involve participants to reach higher levels of buy-in/commitment.

Our Methodologies and Tools

Quest Worldwide has developed and refined techniques for ensuring results:

  • Strategy into Action – Embedding strategies in a way that inspires people and aligns and transforms the organisation to deliver high quality, sustainable results.
  • Performance Culture – Shaping different ways of working into unified, motivated, high-performance culture
  • High Impact Events – Converting dull, predictable meetings and conferences into inspiring experiences that engage every participant and generate clear outcomes
  • Lean Operations – Enabling people at all levels to streamline activities to benefit clients, while creating smooth, responsive, low-cost processes

Large scale change methodologies are complemented by numerous tactical tools and techniques.  Quest has over 220 documented tools covering change management, project management, team development, quality improvement and personal development.  For examples of these tools refer to “Tools and Tips”.